Chaos Gate remake

Turn-based strategy

  • XCOM inspired remake of the classic Chaos Gate game. Includes Ultramarines against the forces of Chaos.

    I was a solo developer in this project and I learned how to architecture a codebase for a large game project.

    I also learned to write A* and Jump Point Search pathfinding algoritms using multithreading.

    The game utilizes Unity Jobs system for the raycasts based line of sight system.


Co-op action

  • Scallywags!' is a chaotic, couch co-op game where you and your friends need to survive the journey over the open seas.

    This game was crated as a vertical slice in eight weeks for Gotland Game Conference.

Space Hulk remake

Turn-based strategy


Real-time strategy

  • OpenApoc re-implementation of the original X-COM: Apocalypse, written in C++ / SDL2.

    I have contributed to this open-source project by fixing bugs and adding missing functionality.


Physics based beathmatch

  • Armed with bazookas, your goal is to blow up your opponents as many times as you can!

    This game was developed in eight weeks as an arcade game to the Gotland Game Conference and used homemade bazooka controllers.


A first-person puzzle game.

  • A relaxing first-person puzzle game in which you explore a painterly stylized forest, using powers to solve puzzles and to discover the secrets of the forest.

    This prototype was created in four weeks. I worked on programming gameplay features.